Sunday, November 13, 2011

Road Rage?

So driving into Lima I came across a ton of road construction. Like most, I am not a fan of road construction, but I do know how to drive through it. This is where the problem rests... I cannot stand people who don't know how to drive both through road work and in general. Common things like turn signals, taking turns at stop signs and various other things where I know I am not alone in my annoyances. In my discussion today I am going to talk about nine types of drivers who I have come to strongly dislike. Pictures and driver types are courtesy of, article "9 Bad Drivers Nobody Complains About."

These are ranked in no particular order of annoyance.
1. People who are terrified of concrete barriers.
This may be an obvious one, but if you do not like the barriers in between you and the on-coming traffic please stay in the middle or right lane.

2. People who think bikes are a mile wide
I can't be that upset with this type of driver because there are a lot of "what ifs" with bike riders. Nonetheless, if you see a bike rider slow down, signal over, go around and then get back into your lane. This is not a difficult concept.

3. People who time things just right to make you miss the light.
You have somewhere you want to be? I do too! Be courteous of  others. Maintain your speed and if they get stopped by the light it is no longer your fault. 

4. People who pass you for no actual advantage.


5. People who ignore the who goes first rule.

The going and stopping of this not-so-fun car tag is not good for your mileage. This also is something that could've been resolved if they would've gone if they were at the stop sign first or vise versa. There is a time for chivalry; save it for your date night.

6. Slow Drivers in Denial.

I am a hypocrite and am completely guilty of this. Whether it is because I was singing too loud to my music or just not maintaining a constant speed and then I notice I'm being passed, speed up and pass whoever just passed me. Childish? Yes.

7. People who let everybody in.

This is probably my biggest driving pet peeve. If I am in the moving lane, I do not want to be stopped for 15 extra minutes so you can be nice and let the two side lanes into the main one. Letting a couple cars in and then moving forward is how it works. Don't give graciously of what is everyone else's; time is always precious.

I hope you found some of these humorous and relatable. For more articles like this and another way to procrastinate, I suggest!

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