Monday, September 5, 2011

Creeper's preference?

Social media has become such a big part of my life that sometimes I can't remember what it was like without it. The thing I do in the morning, at night, in between classes, and sometime even in classes is check all of my social media outlets. Over the past few years it has seemed that while Facebook became the thing to check, Myspace was pushed down in the priority list. My curiosity got to me, why does it seem that Myspace is falling in ranks? My original thoughts on Myspace's downfall: 1.) Pre-teen/ teen aged groups were the only ones to use it, 2.) Facebook offered more possibilities (i.e. groups, personalized privacy, event postings, applications, etc.) 3.) Not as updated, if you had a Myspace that was used more than Facebook, you weren't up to speed with the technologies, therefore..."less cool." These may seem silly now, but at the age of 12-16 (2002-2006) when social media started to become big and expand, it was a huge deal to have the latest profiles. To curb my curiosity, I did some research on how Myspace is doing in comparison to Facebook and some reviews about Myspace.

After reading through a good 5-6 web pages, I have found that Myspace isn't so far behind after all. On a review page for social networking sites, Myspace is ranked 2nd, only trailing behind Facebook. These two neck-to-neck social networking sites have very similar uses now including things that Myspace originally lacked, prior to the Facebook competitor. According to the earlier mentioned site, the biggest difference between the two is Facebook is more “friend focused” and also can be used professionally (at least more often then Myspace would be). Essentially, Facebook is more popular for "creeping" purposes. Who could deny that?

Overall, I'm gathering that Myspace was cool when I was younger (or when the user is younger). Then Facebook became a public thing and started taking over all of the users. Everyone (users) adapted to the Facebook way and simultaneously, Myspace was expanding and getting updates to even compare to its new competitor. A majority of people were and still are more comfortable with Facebook and didn't feel that it was necessary to go back and re-learn Myspace. Facebook is the popularity winner and it definitely has my vote!


  1. I really like this post:) I've thought, too that MySpace must be so far behind Facebook, but really it's not!

  2. I really liked this post as well. I always wondered why Myspace sort of disappeared. I always thought that Myspace was rather tacky and that is where the creepers were. Facebook would be my preference as well! I like the crisp look that Facebook has and is more professional. I was just a little surprised Myspace was the second most used social media site. There must be more creepers than I thought out in this world.