Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Final Round... Personal PR #6

Over the past 16 weeks, I have turned into a complete believer of the power of social media. I see it as a great way to connect with friends, customers, future employees, companies and a wonderful way to market. I can honestly say times are excelling with social media, but the only way to be a part of this progression is fully utilize the tools.
Below is once more, my version of a Mashable post titled, "4 Tips for Optimizing Your Resume with Social Media," about the power of social media and more specifically to enhance resumes and job hunting.

1. Link to Social

Approximately 10.9% of resumes includes some type of social media link. This percentage amount is not set as the number of social media sites are continuing to grow and make an impact on the hiring process. Tip: Include URLs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other highly used social media sites. This addition to your resume allows for less hunting for the potential employer.

2. Fact-Check Yourself

Keep updating your LinkedIn, resume and any other professional sources. As a professional or one in the midst, it is a good idea to be constantly trying to improve yourself and add to your experience. When you do something that is worthy of any of the above mention networks and sources, add it! It can't hurt to show off more wonderful things you have done or accomplished.

3. Don’t Just Copy/Paste

Your resume is full of content that also works great for your social media profiles. Feel free to use information from your resume for social network sections like “work experience,” “about me,” etc.
Select a couple of the best lines or experiences to share, not just a copy and paste. If you share everything online, why would they need to call you in for more information?

4. Use Keywords for SEO

Research the job you're applying for. Check for words or characteristics that most commonly appear in this search and utilize them. Keywords can be so helpful with SEO and could score you an interview or job opportunity if you match enough of the qualifications needed. *Side note: Do not falsify the information in order to get the words into your resume, LinkedIn or other professional networking sites. The last thing you want to happen is to be caught in a lie!

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