Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm reading your mind.

Measuring what employees think would be so much easier if we had the super power to read minds. It is impossible to please everyone and knowing this can help in making the most important improvements. In consistent nature, I am going to talk about the seven steps to how to measure what employees think and how to take action to improve relations. This is taken from the wonderful Katie Paine's book "measure what matters."

1. Understand the environment and where they really get information.
Know your employees, their dynamics and their duties. Understanding them and their environment, it'll be easier to relate and to fix any problems.

2. Agree on clear, measurable goals.
Don't be over estimate your abilities, but do as much as you can handle to better your organization

3.Select a benchmark to compare to.
See what other companies are doing for their employees. Look at the companies who are on the same level as yours.

4. Define criteria for success.
Make sure all goals are going to make your organization and employees successful.

5. Select you measurement tools and collect data.
Get tools to measure, communicate efforts and prepare for analyzation of the results. 

6. Analyze and take action.
Look over data thoroughly and make a plan of action to fully cover results to the best of your company's abilities

7. Make changes to improve.
Implement your plan because employees are expecting change to happen.

These steps are self-explanatory and easy to understand and follow. Overall, "measure what matters," was a very helpful book that took measuring to a new and easier to obtain level. Have some time? Read away!

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