Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the season.. start internship hunting. Thankfully, with my new online resume I am able to amplify my oppotunities to come in contact with the perfect internship! This online resume allows me to share my social networking sites, leadership, education and experience all at the click of the mouse. Need a new way to interact with potential employees or internship advisors? This can open up opprtunities to share what you have to offer!
Check out weebly to start making your online resume today!

We have learned all semester and in all books how to properly market and measure with social media. In "Groundswell," "Measure What Matters," and "Real-Time Marketing and PR" have all shared that fully utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, other professional networks, tags, keywords, etc. can't hurt and often lead to a greater possibility of getting an interview or job offer.

For more information on measuring social media, how to measure customers and employees and what social media can do for you, check out the above mentioned books!

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