Monday, November 7, 2011

Quantity and Quality

Quantity and quality don't always go hand in hand, even though obtaining both is a wonderful thing. In Katie Delahaye Paine's, "Measure What Matters" there are steps to try to get a perfect (or close to perfect) measurement program.

Step #1: Define goals and objectives
Includes: setting desired outcomes, deadlines and budgets.

Step #2: Define environment, audience and role in influencing them
Includes: Examining all audiences in all walks of life and how they could benefit or threaten the organization

Step #3: Define your investment
Includes: Cost of personnel, building use, paper, etc.

Step #4: Determine your benchmark.
Includes: Comparison with other companies within stretch goals (aspire to be), peer companies (at the same level) and underdogs (below us in standings).

Step #5: Define your key performance indicators (KPIs)
Includes: Different measurement tools for each objective. Also, how much brand or message is known and how it is seen and where the brand is placed (awareness and visibility)

Step #6: Select the right measurement tools and vendors
Includes: Content analysis, primary research, web analytics and other forms of data collecting.

Step #7: Turn data into action
Includes: Taking the data collected and making a plan of action to properly use the data to benefit the company.

Even though this will take time and money, in the end there will be many ways to improve the company brand, image, sales or the overall company. Hopefully, after utilizing these steps will allow for a better situational analysis, better understanding of what there is to work with and how to go about taking advantage of all opportunities within the industry.

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