Sunday, November 20, 2011

Personal PR #3

I can safely assume I am not alone in the statement, I am beyond done with this semester.

I genuinely have never been so bogged down with work, projects, homework and tests, and there are still two and a half weeks left of classes. The thing I am going to have to learn (along with others, I'm sure) is the real world will have those times when there just seems to be too much. The likelihood of getting your dream job out of college is slim, so there are going to rough jobs you just do not like doing or ones that may seem pointless. So, to stick with my pattern of tips and tricks to help with everyday problems, here are 10 ways to help you stay motivated. Adapted from an article by Laura Spencer titled "Ten Tips to Stay Motivated- Even When You Don't Feel Like Working."

1. Remind yourself of the reason that you are doing the work. Even though the paper due on Tuesday may not seem beneficial, think of everything in a broad scheme. You are paying to go to school, utilize everything that is being offered. 

2. Make sure that your work environment is comfortable. An uncomfortable work space can definitely lower your motivation level. Make sure you are comfortable with your surroundings, where you are sitting, etc. 

3. Change your work environment. There isn't a rule that says you have to work inside your room. By changing your scenery, it may help motivate your desire to work.

4. Schedule breaks. Make sure to schedule regular breaks for yourself. Tell yourself that you’re going to take fifteen minutes off after you complete amount of work. During your break, make sure you are leaving your work environment. You’ll find that each break renews your energy and creativity.

5. Plan a reward for yourself. Bribery can and does work when it comes to staying motivated. If a movie or hanging out with friends later is a motivator, then set a goal of x amount of work needs to be done before I can give myself y. 

6. Alternate projects. If you find yourself getting bogged down with a certain task, then you may went to switch to a different project for a while. This will allow time for you to rejuvenate your ideas for the project and not remain "stuck." 

7. Picture the work already completed. Even though some projects get overwhelming and the small parts leading the finished product may seem pointless there is always an end. Looking forward to the finally completed project will help alleviate any doubts that it will not get finished. Try to picture yourself getting compliments for the final work.

8. Have regular routine. If you develop the habit of working during a certain part of the day, every day, then you you’ll find it much easier to schedule your time and ensure that all projects are completed on time.

9. Take care of your health. The better you feel, the more work that you will be able to get done. Take care of you first, then you will be in a better state to take care of your work.

10. Develop a support group. It’s important to have close people to lean on in times of struggle. 

I am really starting to become obsessed with "steps to success." Hopefully, with the ONU semester coming to a close that these tips can be helpful and getting you through the final weeks of classes and potentially help with future employment as well! 

Happy studies!

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