Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do you want to "Be More"?

This school year seemed to come out of nowhere! I feel like school work just stopped and now here we are week two of the first ever semester at Ohio Northern and yet, the work load is the equivalent to week 6 of last year's fall quarter. My hopes are that it is due to all of the extra events going on around campus.

The event on campus that is taking over most of my time is the one and only...SORORITY RECRUITMENT! Formal sorority recruitment is an exciting, busy, stressful, and adventurous time. This year's theme is "Be More, Be Greek." This theme is to show not only how proud we are to be Greek, but that there is more to becoming Greek than just being in another organization.

My job during this year's recruitment is to help counsel freshman women interested in joining our Greek community through the 4 individual sorority chapters on campus. This is known as a recruitment counselor a.k.a Rho Gamma. I am beyond excited, thrilled, and am so proud of my new women that I helping go through recruitment, so much that these next two weeks are going to drag-on.

I definitely can't say those are the only emotions running through my mind right now... I am so scared. I have fears of them not enjoying their time during formal recruitment, dropping out, or not liking me or my two other Rho Gamma partners. Thankfully, all of our women going through recruitment have complete faith in us (their Rho Gammas), want to continue and join a sorority, and most of them want to have hold leadership positions. After hearing them share their excitement at one of our weekly meetings, I am a little less overwhelmed with concerns and I have nothing but faith that the next two weeks will be wonderful and a time to remember.

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

"Letters today, Leaders tomorrow."

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