Monday, November 28, 2011

It's The Final Countdown

The last two weeks of  fall semester classes have begun, finally! I couldn't be more excited to be finished with classes; not that the classes I'm in are bad, it is more of I am not adjusted to this whole semester thing yet and 16 weeks is just too long. Regardless, I am so excited to start classes next semester and for once in my three years here, I'm taking a class just for fun.

In other news, graduate school searching is extremely terrifying and exciting all at once. Who knew I am old enough now to be almost a senior in college, looking for graduate programs and preparing for the grown-up world? To be honest, it is surreal how fast college has gone by and I wish it would slow down a little bit. It feels like two months ago I started my freshman year living on the third floor of Maglott to make new friends.

For the rest of this lovely blog, I figured I would discuss a few things I wish I would've known as a freshman.
1. The Lanyard: This one is self-explanatory for ONU students, but this is the freshman indicator. Words of advice for incoming freshman: do NOT wear the lanyard around your neck. Don't ask me why this is a big no-no, but it is.

2. Studying: When I came to college I had my ideas of the term "studying" and it didn't include any more than a two day in advance study period. Words of advice for everyone: for an exam or test start at least two weeks prior to the test. In actuality, it would be a good idea to just review the materials everyday why it is still fresh in your mind.  

3. CSC (Communication Skills Center): What a resource! During my first quarter I was forced to utilize this resource center and to be honest I wasn't pleased with having to make an appointment to go there. I didn't see why it was a requirement for the paper. Even after my first quarter I didn't really appreciate the CSC until Spring Quarter, During the spring, when I visited the CSC it showed my teacher I was taking the extra effort to benefit my work and my grade. This visit actually bumped my grade up a letter grade because of the suggestions they gave to me. Words of advice: Use the CSC for papers, speeches, etc. It helps you and how your viewed by your teachers.

Look forward to next week's discussion on the final three things I wish I would've known as a freshman.

Happy studying!


  1. I actually just used the CSC today! I took a speech there and they did a great job telling me what to change and how to make it better. Definitely beneficial.

  2. I think your tips are definitely beneficial. Especially the studying ahead of time :) And, college does go by fast I can't believe I'm graduating in five months...crazy..