Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That's the recipe for making.. A VIRAL VIDEO!

“The formula is a combination of some great (and free) Web content (a video, a blog entry, or an e-book) that is groundbreaking or amazing or hilarious or involves a celebrity, plus a network of people to light the fire, and all with links that make it very easy to share.” The New Rules of Marketing & PR
Viral videos are almost as addicting as Facebook. For companies these viral videos can be planned to promote products, advertise existing ones, or changes in the company or industry. The planned videos aren’t the ones that need to be monitored; it is the unplanned videos ran by the consumers that really trigger a negative or positive effect on the brand and market.
The reason these unplanned videos are so influential is because of the authenticity that real people on the web can give. As a consumer/ potential buyer, I would much rather here an opinion of the results of buying the product than some catchy or clever ad the company posts.
Personally, I believe that this is where companies need to incorporate real people and realistic positives of giving into their brand or product. If and when a company discovers this tactic and can insert it into a video that goes viral, they will be set with a positive brand and an increase of sales. The trick is getting all of these aspects into one. Once you get it viral, it can only be uphill from there… because people like me love procrastination; what brings procrastination, Facebook and the ever growing YouTube!  

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