Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Content is KING!

Who doesn't love having royalty on their side? There are many dos and don'ts of writing a solid messaged article or piece. One of the main don't of writing is unorganized and wordy messages. If you want to be the most effective and efficient with time and space allotted, content is king.

We learned from both from a class reading and Shane Haggerty content is king in almost any writing situation. To keep your audiences attention it must have keywords that stick out to potential consumers, grab their attention and keep it there for at least the significant information in the piece. Keywords are those that are a main theme of the article or message. These words are also how the piece gets found through search engines. The more keywords in the piece, the higher up the article will be in the search results.

The best thing to do is avoid using too many and unnecessary words. This clutter can put a damper on the message of the writing and can also make the reader lose interest in the whole idea of the reading or makes them stop reading completely. Also, going back through the piece, looking at the individual sentences, making sure every word is necessary, rewording, shortening and getting the message across in the cleanest way.

Overall, taking the time to make a solid content and consistent message can be more beneficial then having fluff even with meaning. Take your time and make every word count so confusion doesn't happen and the correct information is put out to the publics.

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