Thursday, October 20, 2011

I might have trust issues...

I really don't have them with my everyday relationships. My trust with friends, family, significant other, etc. is actually very strong, but that seemed to be the point in the webinar today during class. 

How is the role of earned media evolving? This question held my favorite answer of the hour long question and answer session. Earned media is the consumers' thoughts on the product, brand, company, etc. Earned media is always evolving especially with the new social media tools updating all of the time. The wonderful thing about social media in the role of earned media is how quickly it grows. Prior to social media sites the public had to "trust" the advertisements, the journalist, or word of mouth; now, with social media opinions and word of mouth is spread faster reaching more potential consumers. 

There is always a catch. How can social media make that big of an impact on earned media? Let's go back to the trust issue. Usually, we have instilled trust into our friends and family leading us to have faith in their opinions and judgment. Using this fact, if a company can get someone to Tweet, Facebook or blog about their personal experience with the company or products then as a result the social media friends will see this newly formed earned media. If what the posting individual had to say was good in nature then the 400+ friends they potentially have, see it and form their opinion or brand of the company based off that one opinion... all because of trust.

In the long run companies are looking for the trust of their consumers or potential buyer. They can get this through positive reinforcements on various social media sites. The companies must become a personalized focus on which audience they want to target, find a way to get earned media and continue evolving in real-time. 

1. On social media sites we have our friends added.
2. Friends = Trust, therefore what friends say is trustworthy and believable. 
3. Friend says something good about Company X. 
4. I believe that my friend is being honest about the company.
5. I then jump onto the bandwagon of thinking positively about Company X. 
6. In conclusion, pleasing my friend with a product or service has now made me a believer in the company because my friend would not steer me wrong.
7. Company X rocks in my eyes.
8. I will now invest my time/ money.
9. After my investment, I tweet, Facebook and blog about my experience.
10. Repeat 3-10

Congratulations companies, you now have an on-going earned media cycle!  


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