Monday, October 24, 2011

More Friends = More Smarts?

Sometimes I feel very unproductive and that procrastination has gotten the best of me and the central problem is Facebook. Most of you probably aren't surprised by this as a lot of others are in my procrastination boat with me. I don't feel as bad after reading the article "Study suggests Facebook makes you smarter."  In this article found on it states that there seems to be a correlation with the number of friends one has on Facebook and the proportion size of the brain being used. 

This was actually a Reuters study and it found that the evolving of social media might evolve our brains and how we think as well. Even though this would be an amazing thing to have a proven fact with research behind it, it is not possible to say whether having more Facebook connections makes particular parts of the brain larger or whether some people are prone to have more friends. This study has, however, given a just reason to no longer believe that being online a significant amount is negatively affecting our brains.

So next time you go to get on Facebook or on the internet in general and feel guilty about not using your time wisely, add two more people to expand your "friends." Therefore you are better utilizing your time by growing parts of your brain. How can this not be a good idea? Exactly!

So maximize your smarts and time management and go get on Facebook!  

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