Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grown-up Time

When I came to college, I was beyond excited to be an adult and move forward with my life. I was also under the impression that getting out high school meant putting petty drama behind us, seeing there is more being offered to us and fully taking advantage of those opportunities. This is a time to become an adult and put childish ways to the side.

In my two and a half years in college I've noticed a lot of students are still stuck in high school mode. This mode is where: not getting a position is the end of the world, what someone said the night before ruins your entire next day and grudge holding and "shit talking" become a hobby. I don't know about all of you, but I am beyond ready  to be done with all of drama and nonsense. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not innocent in this situation. The new level of negativity is really starting to put a damper on not only me, but anyone who is surrounded by those constantly unsatisfied and negative people. Since the weather hasn't been the best and to hopefully lift some spirits here are some steps from Happiness Strategies to becoming a happier person by Tom Valeo:

Happiness Strategy # 1: Don’t Worry, Choose Happy
First, make a decision to be happy. One's thought process can make all of the difference. Things that have already occurred can no longer be changed. Learn from them, build and move on.
Happiness Strategy #2: Cultivate Gratitude
Be thankful for everything you have: people, family, friends, running water, clothes, etc. It can dispel bitterness and despair.
Happiness Strategy #3: Foster Forgiveness
Grudges can affect physical and mental health, and is very stressful. Forgive others and know that you too also have things which you would like forgiven.
Happiness Strategy #4: Counteract Negative Thoughts and Feelings
Whether it is with meditation, rhythmic breathing, yoga, or relaxation techniques take time to step back from the situation and think it through. Saying and doing things spurring from emotion usually doesn't result in anything except more tension and an increase in harsh feelings.
Happiness Strategy #5: Remember, Money Can’t Buy Happiness
Trying to fill an unhappy heart and soul with buying things like clothes or food will NOT solve the problem. Work through it, put it to the side and move forward with your life.
Happiness Strategy #6: Foster Friendship
Make some new friends (not necessarily replacing the old), explore pen pal options and surround yourself with positive people. Their happy nature will affect how you view situations and life.
Happiness Strategy #7: Engage in Meaningful Activities
Do more of what means the most to you. Crafting, sports, blogging, etc. If you love it spend some extra time doing it! 
Enjoy these tips and have a joy filled week
"No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change."
- Barbara de Angelis

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