Friday, December 2, 2011

Do I really enjoy this? Personal PR #5

I have come to realize I can actually enjoy the research I am conducting. For my Advanced PR Writing class I have been doing research on comprehensive education versus abstinence only education in public schools and I love this research.

The reasons I am so excited about this project is because: A. I enjoy the controversial topic, B. I plan to work in a school district or at a university and sex education is a hot topic at least within the school districts, and C. I can have an opinion and then have strong facts to back up those thoughts. Now, I know all research is like this, but I have been doing other research this semester and it just seems boring in comparison. To be honest, the other research has been difficult for me to stay on top of because of its lack of excitement and my growing lack of interest.

Thankfully, with the topic of sex education in schools, I have been able to find articles ranging from highly opinionated to just the facts to research projects on both ends of the sex education spectrum. I don't believe that my excitement for the research comes from the topic alone, but the fact that it is controversial. The more controversial the topic the more I seem to be interested in it, therefore, the more work I put into the project.

Helpful tip time! 
Research doesn't seem like it would be something to get pumped about, but if you are able to find a genre or topic you are passionate about the research won't be enough to satisfy your knowledge need. To find what you might be interested in researching think of the topics you question a lot; does it have to deal with your careers current job market, your favorite sport or a value and moral belied? When you can figure out what thought provokes you most, you will more than likely find your topic for research. Who knows, this may lead to (for college students) a capstone project, undergraduate research and if you are highly involved maybe even a career in the field of research you are studying.

Happy researching!

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