Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Can You Digg it?

Technology is always advancing. To keep up with just about anything, especially technology, one must work in real-time. Below are some tips from The Groundswell part one.

1. Technology changes rapidly.
The worst thing to do is constantly worry about keeping up with the times. Even though your company or organization needs to change with the times to stay in the game, the focus should be on the relationships made while on these technologically advanced sites.

2. Utilize blogs, videos and podcasts.
Why, you may wonder...they are cheap and easy. They encourage interaction and comments which leads to better feed back from customers for the future of your group. Best thing to do when a member comments: comment back. It can stop a crisis in the making by a simple, "we are working on the issue, thanks for the suggestion," will suffice.

3. Tags/ Hashtags.
The end of the line, use them .

4.Evaluate the new technology.
It is nice to make sure your group has the most cutting edge technology, but if it doesn't give you what you were hoping or looking for, why still use it? Find something that suits your company or organization. Also, check out all technology. This allows your organization to be accessible and easier to find credibility in the consumers' eyes.

Now it is your turn! Go out there and take advantage of the new technologies and maintain your relationships with your customer. Use these new technologies to make sure the public is happy and use it as an evaluation stage.

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