Thursday, September 15, 2011


So I believe that in kindergarten we were taught to: “Keep to the right in your lines. Stay on this side so you don’t get run over by the people coming from the other way.” I feel like this is a basic rule, but maybe I’m wrong?

Story time: I was walking from the freshman complex to the affinity village. On my happy way over, I was walking on the right side of the side walk. I saw someone in front of me, so I decided to be a creeper and text her. (Not in a stalker way, just to be funny) I was texting, continuing in my lane, and heard a bike getting closer to me. It isn’t uncommon for bikes to zoom around walkers, but there was something different about how close this bike was getting to me. All of a sudden, the bike ran into me. I turn around because I was shocked and it kind of hurt. As I turned to look at this upperclassman, he just fell over; bike and all. I offered a hand and asked if he was alright. If I were the biker, I know I would be embarrassed that I just ran into someone who was walking. Did I get an apology? Nope! Instead I got, “I thought you were going to move.” All I know is I pray to the lord that this man doesn’t have his driver’s license!

I think this little rant will turn into an instructional blog. 1st- if you are on a bike, it’s like driving a car. Pass around the left side of the person. 2nd – Verbalize what you’re doing. I know it’s scary to talk to people you don’t personally know, but as a walker, we appreciate the cues that you’re coming around the side of us quickly. 3rd – Please, learn what the brakes are there for. I promise you, that the person or pole you are going to run into will be thankful you are using them. 4th – Last, if you honestly have hit someone or something more than once or twice, maybe reconsider the bike, leave a couple minutes earlier, and walk. 

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