Sunday, October 16, 2011

What would a false [North] be?

I am directionally challenged, but I had absolutely no problems finding my True[North]. This discovery happened when I visited Ohio Northern University in the eighth grade. I came to the campus for a M.I.S.S.L.E: book reading competition. Basically, we read books through out the school year and at the end of the year, the surrounding schools all met at ONU for a competition. During our visit, I got to see a sneak peak of the campus and I was    excited from then through high school about college, college life, my future and more importantly, Ohio Northern University.

A few weeks into my junior year  I visited Ohio Northern. Everyone was very welcoming and organized. Being a very busy junior, I made the visit only a day in advance and I was still able to meet with the nursing department. My visit was wonderful and I can say that  I was completely impressed with everything I saw; from the buildings to the fountains and ponds, I loved what ONU had to offer me in academics and looks.

In the middle of my junior year I started to have doubts about staying in Ada to go to college. My thoughts were that college is supposed to be a time to leave the family's nest, start becoming a grown-up, adventuring and seeing the world. With doubts about wanting to stay in the ever growing Villiage of Ada that I lived in my entire life, I began looking at other schools. I looked at Emery University in Georgia, Arcadia in Pennsylvania, OSU-Lima branch, and the University of Toledo. While on my visits I asked a ton of questions while visiting the nursing department, and when I was with the admissions counselor. All four colleges I looked at or visited had outstanding programs, great professors, and a lively campus, but I felt like I just didn't fit. I would go on visits and compared what the universities offered to ONU.

In the end I picked ONU. I'm not sure if it was the constantly mowed grass, the nursing professors, or my tour guide, but I was drawn in and I've loved every minute of it!

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