Sunday, October 2, 2011

He deleted me from Facebook.... :(

I have really come to enjoy articles. More specifically, the social media tab section. The newest article I found is titled "12 ways to be likeable on Facebook." I understand that the site as a whole is geared towards professionals, but I decided to make this one a more personal level. I took the corporate level Facebook tips on being "liked" and changed it to a how to keep your Facebook friends.

Here are the 3 of the 12 most effective ways to get your virtual friends to like you:

1. Corporate: Use a landing tab to offer a compelling reason for people to “like” you. Personal: Use fun information about yourself to have friends wanting to continue visiting your page.

Who doesn't like having a friend that can speak sarcastic pirate? Exactly, it is entertaining. Also, having a fun profile picture or having a different tab be the default screen for when others visit your page. This tab could include videos or photos that a funny or a serious topic that you would like to discuss. Facebook is used more often than not as a procrastination tool (whether to catch-up on friends' lives or to just waste time checking out what your high school crush is doing), so be that frequently visited page for good reasons. Examples: Good page visits: Witty statuses, entertaining likes, etc. Bad page visits: latest break-up, how much you struggled Homecoming weekend, etc.

2. Corporate: Respond to the positive comments, too. Personal: Interact with all virtual friends.

 If you have them as a friend, you must know or at least like them a little, therefore engaging in what they're doing or something they posted will have a higher return rate. If you have those people that you just have to Facebook creep, then maybe it's time to clear some of those negatives out of your life, save time, and let them do their own thing.

3. Corporate: Be short, sweet, and conversational. Personal: Keep the statuses and posts appropriate and what others would want to hear about.

Looking through updates, you always know which friends it is a good idea to avoid checking up on. These are called Facebook's very own Debbie Downer. The woes and problems of their lives are consuming their Facebook wall and your news feed. You want to know why five people have deleted you as friend in the past month; either you really made a group of people mad or you need to reevaluate what you are posting.

Facebook is a fun communication tool that nearly everyone uses from corporate levels to fan pages of a color. There is a difference between utilizing this communication method for keeping up with friends, boosting networks, or letting others know about your life and being the person that everyone virtually avoids. Personally, I delete those people to avoid after a while; so, if keeping virtual friends is an important goal of yours, maybe look through how you use Facebook and all it has to offer. I promise that if someone deletes you off of Facebook, it isn't the end of the world. I feel like bigger question is: Why has it become such a big deal to be "Facebook official"? This question honestly could never be answered fully.

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